Cambridge Style Week

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We believe that personal style affects the way we think, the way we feel, the way we act and the way others react to us.


Cambridge Style Week is dedicated to sharing knowledge and skills for stylish living in order to inspire confidence. Our continuous commitment to empowering people while supporting the fashion-forward local talent and businesses of Cambridge is celebrated with an annual, week-long style extravaganza.


Cambridge Style Week grew out of collaboration between the three co-founders. Collaboration and partnership working are at the core of what we do. At Cambridge Style Week we work in an inclusive and collaborative way, every member of the team is important and having fun is imperative.



At Cambridge Style Week we know that we are borrowing the earth from our grand-children. We believe that we have a responsibility to make positive change to the environment now and every industry must respond.  We are working towards a future where all fashion is ethical, where everyone is paid a living wage, and where everyone has enough to eat and drink.  


We are working with award winning designers and other industry partners to make a real impact in the fashion Industry.  We ask all Designers and Boutiques to work towards our Ethical and Sustainable sourcing policy.  Together, we can all change the future of the fashion industry, and the world.

cambridge style week

"At Cambridge Style Week we believe that if you are confident about the way you look, you are more likely to change the world.  We set out to create inspirational events, top quality training and support to help people express their personal style in the clothes that they love. We’ve found that it’s much easier to kick butt if you have amazing butt-kicking boots to do it in."

Nicky Shepard, Director CSW